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Tackling crime and disorder is the responsibility of everyone and over the last 25 years the local authorities, police forces, town and parish councils and community groups, as well as other official bodies have worked in partnership with the Crime Reduction Agency to find active solutions to local community safety and Crime Reduction problems.

As a Crime Reduction Agency, we have made considerable progress in that time, in developing a wide range of community safety initiatives through our comprehensive and 'user-friendly' publications and there have been several notable successes in reducing the levels of crime. The pain, despair, anguish and considerable losses inflicted by criminals must be fought against constantly.

Crimes against business harm the community and increase the cost of living.  Personal and property crime affects individuals with devastating consequences.

As an organisation, the Crime Reduction Agency understands the consequences and the FEAR of crime to which we are all exposed.

The Crime Reduction Agency works closely with other partnerships and police forces throughout the country to help address these issues

Our publications highlight various relevant issues and are tailored to fit the needs of individual regions or police forces.

We are able to write editorial, source information and produce publications that will reflect the identity and individuality of the area or organisation.

As a Crime Reduction Agency, we understand the sensitivity of sponsorship and advertising and we can offer tailor-made solutions.




Don't Let Your Business Pay for Crime