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1.          The advertisement copy is to be supplied by the Advertiser or his agent within TWO WEEKS of the date of this Order, unless otherwise specified on the CONFIRMATION OF ORDER.

2.          If after a maximum of two reminders no advertisement copy is received by the Publisher (Crime Reduction Agency), the Publishers reserve the right to make up a basic advertisement showing the Advertiser’s NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER and TRADE CLASSIFICATION as shown on the BOOKING FORM.  This basic advertisement will be submitted to the Advertiser as a proof with one final opportunity to make amendments.

3.          The Publishers will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions to the basic advertisement after a Proof of the advertisement has been submitted.

4.          An invoice is raised at PROOF stage.  Payment is to be made to the Publisher – Crime Reduction Agency – at the address shown, upon submission of Invoice.

5.          Payment Terms: within 30 days of Invoice.  If payment does not reach us within this period we will add interest at the current Bank Rate, compounded.  Our preferred payment is by B.A.C.S. (our account details appear on our INVOICES.)  Alternatively, payment can be made by Cheque made payable to Crime Reduction Agency.  We are not able to take payment by credit card.  Staged payment may be made, by agreement with the publisher, in special circumstances and subject to status, by post-dated cheques.

6.          Advertisements cannot be re-designed after Proof copy has been submitted except on payment of a composition charge.  This payment MUST accompany the authors amendment(s).  There will, of course, be no charge for minor alterations or Publisher’s errors.

7.          The Advertiser has the right to CANCEL this Order in writing within SEVEN DAYS of the date of this Order without penalty.  This Order may not subsequently be subject to cancellation by the Advertiser without prior payment of a cancellation fee of 50% of the purchase cost.  No cancellation will be accepted more that 6 weeks after the date of order.

8.          The Publishers reserve the right to decline any order at any time before going to press without stating their reason for doing so.

9.          If the Publishers do not publish they shall inform the Advertiser and shall refund in full all monies paid by the Advertiser in respect of this order.  The Advertiser shall have no other claim whatsoever against the Publisher.

10.       The advertising in this publication is sold by the Publisher in good faith.  At the time of sale an agreement had been reached with the Authority concerned for the receipt and distribution of this publication.  The Publisher cannot be held responsible for any subsequent change of policy, political or otherwise, with the Authority concerned.

11.       The Publisher can only be held liable to fulfil their contract regarding delivery as stated on this order.  No claim can be made against them for the subsequent handling of the publication, which is outside their control.

12.       It is a condition of this order that no verbal conditions or promises shall apply.  No advertisement will be legally dependent on the position requested by, or promised to, the Advertiser since final page layout is the responsibility of the Authority concerned.

13.       Preparations of photographs, drawings, logos and artwork are NOT included in the charge specified on this Order and must be supplied by the advertiser.  The Publishers are willing, however, to design advertisements for which photographs, drawings, logos and artwork have been supplied.

14.       The Publishers cannot be held liable for any contractual alterations necessitated by legislative or local or national government policy changes.

15.       The Publisher cannot be held responsible for any changes or delays in the PUBLICATION SCHEDULED DATE, if these changes or delays are outside the control of the Publishers.


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